Small Garden Designs

Is your yard a dirt lot with no shade and ugly features? While you may see it that way, we don’t. Instead, we see a blank canvas that we can transform into a beautiful, functional work of art. Let us put our landscaping design experts to work for you so that your blank canvas can transform into a lovely landscape that you will be able to enjoy.

Brownsville Landscape Designers

Brownsville with its harsh weather conditions presents numerous landscaping challenges that landscape designers must overcome. Among the many landscape design considerations are:

  • • Sun exposure

  • • Heat tolerances and water needs of plants

  • • Wind exposure

  • • Natural and manmade structures that can serve as privacy shields, wind barriers, and shade

  • • Landscape growth patterns

  • • Plant palette

  • • Plant textures

  • • Contrast

  • • Decorative elements

  • • Functional elements

We take these factors and many others under consideration as well as consult with you to uncover your ideas and tastes to create a landscape design that is both gorgeous and functional. Because we’re in tune with Brownsville’s climate and weather conditions, we choose plants that will tolerate the extremes and thrive in your landscape.

Brownsville Landscape Installations

The landscaping design is but the first of many steps. Once the plans have been approved, our installers get to work on your land. Brush or lawn may need to be removed, soil graded, top soil added, sprinkler systems installed, and other measures taken before planting can begin. Once the grounds are prepped, waterscapes and hardscapes are installed such as ponds, arches, arbors, and patios. Finally, the sod is laid and the trees, bushes, and plants planted into the ground.

Brownsville Landscape Maintenance Plans

At last, your yard has gone from dirt lot to work of art and it’s time for you to begin enjoying your lush new surroundings. To keep your landscape looking its best, regular landscape maintenance is a necessity. We offer several property maintenance plans and would be honored to continue to provide you with all of the landscaping and lawn service you need.

Lawn Service

Whether you own a single family home, a sprawling estate home, or commercial property, chances are you have a lawn or landscape that needs to be maintained. While some property owners enjoy taking care of their own lawns, others lack the time, equipment, or desire to do it. No matter what your situation may be, and no matter what size lawn or landscape you need to have maintained, we’re the Brownsville landscaping and lawn service for you!

Among our many services covering lawn and landscape maintenance are:

  • • Weekly lawn mowing service

  • • Sod installation

  • • Grass removal

  • • Weed control

  • • Edging

  • • Regular application of fertilizer

  • • Sprinkler system inspection – adjust and unclog sprinklers

  • • Leaf removal

  • • Pruning

Who do we serve? We serve you! As a Brownsville landscaping and lawn service provider, we understand that business and residential customers alike benefit from our services. We cater to property owners of all types including those owning: single family homes, duplexes, apartment complexes, condos, shopping centers, strip malls, medical buildings, industrial buildings, auto dealerships, religious institutions, public buildings, and more. If plants are involved, we can help.

Other Brownsville Landscaping Services

Not only do we maintain the lawns of homes and businesses throughout Brownsville, we also offer the following:

  • • Emergency tree removal

  • • Storm cleanup

  • • Construction cleanup

  • • Debris removal

  • • Brush removal

  • • Fire breaks

  • • Leaf removal

  • • Tree trimming and other tree services

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