Tree Trimming and Removal

Part of our Brownsville landscaping and lawn service business is dedicated to tree services. Caring for trees involves keeping them trimmed as needed. For example, when branches threaten other structures such as roofs or fences, a trimming is in order. Some trees may need regular pruning to encourage better yields of fruit or for aesthetic purposes. In addition to routine tree trimming, trees can become hazardous, requiring immediate intervention and possible removal.

Common Tree Troubles in Brownsville

Storms, wind, and saturated soil can all wreak havoc on Brownsville’s trees causing fallen branches, knocked over trees, and uprooting. An immediate response is often needed due to the hazards toppled or soon-to-be-topped trees pose. Our emergency crews are quick to respond and skilled at removing fallen trees and branches as well as stabilizing trees in danger.

Brownsville Tree Removal

When a tree must be removed, extreme care is in order. This is a dangerous job requiring expertise, specialized equipment, and safety precautions. Our crews are highly experienced, well trained, well equipped, and insured. We take the safety of our workers, your home’s occupants, and your pets seriously. In addition, we also respect your property and carefully plan the tree removal to ensure that damage is avoided.

After cutting down your tree, the tree must be removed in some way. Depending on the size and condition of the tree, we may use onsite wood chipping equipment, we may saw the tree into logs, or we may haul the trunk away to a tree recycling and processing facility. Let us know beforehand if you would like us to leave woodchips or logs for your personal use.


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